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Поиск по этому блогу

четверг, 13 февраля 2014 г.


Nowadays, advertising is very important for our society. With help of advertising we can learn about a new product that we wanted to buy a long time. Or just laugh and cheer yourself up. As for me advertising is not important, I do not often watch TV and about updates I learn from friends or find the necessary thing that I need. Nowadays advertising is taken over the world. It is literally at every turn, is not possible to escape. It surrounds us everywhere. They are in the media, on billboards and in newspapers. from advertising do not run away.
Every day we are confronted with advertising and sometimes tempting offer for many, that we can not resist. Many people are subject to advertising. They can not resist the tempting offer on  TV - shop.
If I had been owner of the company I would have to spend money on advertising. This is really works. if you place an ad in the newspaper or on TV hundreds of people want to call you. Advertising is a very effective method to sell your product.
I like advertising with films or cartoons. They are very interesting and exciting when you view them you in delight. Advertising films are doing very bright and colorful that would interested people. Even if the film is not interesting enough to make a very exciting trailer and hundreds of people go to the cinema on the film.
Most of all I do not like advertising with silly songs. After watching the song remains in my head for a long time and does not give me rest no day no night. It's awful annoying and in the end I would not buy this product.
I seldom stand and choose products because often I do not understand them. Usually I look at the shelf life and would happily go to the checkout. Yes, there are moments when I diligently choose products, but it happens very seldom. I love to buy but not to choose.
I rarely buy very important products except milk or bread. I never interested prices on the Internet. And if I need a new gadget I entrust my father. I do not want to be responsible for the purchase of not quality product.

среда, 12 февраля 2014 г.

Дискретные модели данных. Представление чисел.

  • Числа
  • Графика
  • Звук
  • Текст
Правило №1
Данные (и программы) в памяти компьютера   хранятся в двоичном виде, т.е. в виде цепочек   единиц и нулей.
Правило №2
Представление данных в компьютер   дискретно.
Правило № 3
Множество представленных в памяти   величин ограничено и конечно.

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